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How Many Retirement Accounts Do You Have?

Does your retirement plan look like a collection of leftovers in the back of a refrigerator? In a bygone era, it was common for a person to work for one or two companies over an entire career.  The company gave them a pension, and off they went into retirement. People who changed jobs a lot …

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I never seem to be able to save

I know I am not saving enough, but how do I start? “Saving” is one of those financial fundamentals that is SIMPLE, but not EASY. Before beating ourselves up too much, know that we are in good company.  An article last year at claims that 1 in 4 Americans have little or nothing in …

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Happy Labor Day 2019!

Labor Day is a reminder of the contributions to society that come through working for a living. Most of us will have to work for most of our lives. Since the first celebration of Labor Day 125 years ago, great advances have been made in retirement security, hours, safety and work rules. This benefits all …

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Modern Monetary Theory

  An economic theory called Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) has been receiving wider publicity of late. MMT holds that debts run up by governments do not necessarily cause inflation, but rather, governments do best when they invest for their people, to ensure full employment and other social goals. This post is not intended to describe …

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Keep Personal Information Secure

It may be summer, when everyone is thinking about vacation, or on vacation, but identity thieves never take time off. Here are a few tips from the Federal Trade Commission about staying safe on line: Be alert to impersonators and phishing scams. Safely dispose of personal information. Before disposing of a computer or mobile device, …

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